This is a modified version of vmsbackup 4.4.3 which is availale from Hoff's web site. The modifications fix some problems and add some new features.


  * Fix writing VFC records: when the record length was the last word
    in a buffer, the fixed control field wasn't correctly handled.
  * Skip XOR data processing which fixes bugs, which showed as        
    - missing files in the -t aka /list output                        
    - "Snark: invalid data header word 0: ddd word 1: ddd"            
    - "Warning: unrecognized record type..."                          
  * Write debug output to stderr                                      
  * Re-group selective debug output - undocumented -Dxxx:             
    #define D_BLKREC   0x1                                            
    #define D_FILE     0x2                                            
    #define D_VBN      0x4                                            
    #define D_IO       0x8                                            
    #define D_SUM     0x10                                            
    #define D_TIME    0x20                                            
    #define D_FILE_X  0x40                                            
    #define D_VBN_X   0x80                                            
    #define D_SUM_X  0x100                                            
  * Change/add some debug output for blocks.                          
  * Fix IDENT linker option in                             
  * Make sure STDIN/OUT/ERR_FILENO is defined for VMS builds.         
  * Add a new output option for extracting files.                     
  * Allow stdin and stdout for save sets and output files.            
  * Adjust usage and allow the listed '?' as option; change           
    the format of the usage line and the grouping of the              
  * In the Makefile, improve handling of vmsbackupver.h and pdf tools.

Example, extract a file from a saveset, which is contained in a ZIP-archive:

  # unzip -p ./VAXVMS.ZIP vms073.c | dd obs=32256 2>/dev/null |./vmsbackup -xf - 'MACRO32.EXE' 
  # ls *.exe 

Get the patches or the source code source code.