What's new?

BCKSUM version 0.9.4.


You want a simple way to get ALL image/object information from ANALYZE with the /SELECT qualifier? Here are patches for analyze/select.

You only want to look at the meta information of a VMS backup saveset? Here is a backup summary tool to display just that.

You have a CMS library on VMS and consider to use Git on a non-VMS platform? Here are some notes on loading a Git repository with the contents of a CMS library. A proof of concept can be demonstrated (send an email to: cms2git dot info at vms2linux dot de).

You copied a VMS file in binary mode to Windows and need to read it based on the (RMS) record attributes? Here's a copy tool.

Tired of setting the file protections if you want to delete a directory file? Here are patches for create/directory.

You want to debug your Java native image with the OpenVMS debugger? Here is shown how to do this for the OpenVMS/Java supplied jni example.

You want to save and pre-load application/utility commands? For SMG-based applications/utilities here you can get an eXternal History Buffer.

You want to change file attributes with $ SET FILE/ATTRIBUTE but don't know what the current settings of the file and what the keywords are? Here is a file attributes tool to display the current settings using these keywords.

You want to read files from a VMS ODS-2 disk on your Linux box? Here are some tools.

You want to read VMS ODS-5 and ODS-2 disks from your Linux box? Here's a kernel module implementing the ODS-5 file system: just mount the disk and access the files.

You want to use SQLite3 with Java on OpenVMS? Here's a SQLite JDBC driver.

You want to decompile VMS message files? Here is C source code for the UNMSG tool, which can do that for nonexecutable message files from all VMS platforms.

You maintain or develop VMS C sources and want to use modern IDEs like Eclipse? Here are some notes on using Eclipse out of the box just for coding and syntax checking.

You want to use modern IDEs like Eclipse for editing VMS DCL command procedures, Linker options and MMS description files? Here is an Eclipse plugin implementing a VMS Editor.

You like to see syntax highlighting in an editor running in a terminal window/emulation? For JED here are enhanced/new modes to do that for DCL, linker options and system parameters.

Do you use the vmsbackup tool on Linux/Unix/etc.? Here are a few fixes, enhancements and the changed source code of version 4.4.3.

You want to get some information out of your VMS objects and images? Here are the VMS Objects and Image Tools, VOIT, for Alpha and Integrity.

Any question, suggestion, bug report? Send an email to: ods5 dot info at vms2linux dot de.